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Introducing the CFMG Conjugate Club

Who: The Conjugate Club is open to CFMG members only, but is limited to 20 people. This club is for anyone who is willing to dedicate time and focus specifically geared towards getting stronger.

What: The Conjugate System was developed by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. The system incorporates three basic methods of strength training: maximal effort (heavy), dynamic effort (speed), and repetition method (accessory exercises). Please read this article from the CFJ.

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Members of the first CFMG Conjugate Club cycle will be asked to dedicate five months of their time to getting stronger. You will receive weekly programming from Coach Ian and/or Coach Betsy, and must limit yourself to only two conditioning ("met-con") workouts per week in order to gain the full effect.

This club is for serious trainees only. We are recommending at least one year of actual CrossFit training before joining this club. This will ensure that you have already built a somewhat solid strength and conditioning foundation. No cherry picking and no compromising!

The CFMG Conjugate Club will be an ongoing club that runs in cycles. For each new cycle, we will open up registration to new trainees, so that everyone can get some experience.

When: This club will start on Monday, July 29th. The first CFMG Conjugate Club cycle will last five months. Our plan is to meet-up on Saturdays either earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. We will make decision once we see what sort of interest we have.

Where: CFMG. You will complete most sessions on your own, though we suggest training with other club members. As long as you have access to all the necessary equipment, you can follow our club programming anywhere.

Why: We know there are some of you who have been training for some time and are looking to build some serious strength. We also now there are some of you who want to perform better in the CrossFit Open. This is an excellent way to start preparing for next year.

Cost: $100/month for weekly programming, once a week meeting/training time on Saturdays, a Conjugate Club t-shirt, and access to our private Conjugate Club FB group where we will track progress/PRs, find workout partners/times, and share feedback.

Data: For the past three months, the following people experimented with the Conjugate System. That gave us time to see what sort of gains could be made following this system. Keep in mind that the people listed below have been training for quite some time. For them to hit PRs in a three month time-span is pretty incredible.

Coach "Hugs" Tami

Back Squat: 200#, up from 170#

Split Jerk: 150#, up from 140#

Hang Power Clean: 140#, up from 137.5#

Squat Clean: 145#, up from 135#

Coach Hugs has also completed a couple muscle-ups during this three month cycle.

Coach Betsy

Back Squat: 165#, up from 140#

Split Jerk: 125#, up from 115#

Squat Clean: 120#, up from 110#

Bench Press: 120#, baseline measurement

Coach Betsy also achieved several body weight/skill PRs with weighted dips, pull-ups, and pistols.  Deadlift and snatch, though not tested, were all improved through accessory exercises.

Coach Lindsay

Bench Press: 120x2, up from 115#

Back Squat: 198# x 5, previous 1RM is 200#

Split Jerk: 153#x3, previous 1RM is 155#

Strict Weighted Pull-ups: 18# x 5 and 26# x 2

"Despite a lot of travel this summer, which also forced me to unfortunately miss most of the actual 1RM testing periods,  overcoming and slowly healing from a serious injury, and an unconventional work schedule that includes nights, weekends, and 12+ hours on the job, I have indeed made some gains!  It's definitely something I want to continue and I hope now that with less travel and a healthier/injury-recovered body, I will be able to gain more!" - Coach Lindsay

Coach Hunter

Back Squat: 335#, up from 325#
Split Jerk: 285# up from 260#

Squat Clean: 264#, up from 260#

Bench Press: 280#, ties all time PR, but did this one at a lighter BW

Snatch: 198#, up from 195#, not part of cycle but tested it anyway
Deadlift: 450#, up from 425#

"Nate": 14+ rounds, up from 13 rounds

"Murph": 41:38 with a weighted vest, up from 45:00 with no vest

Weighted chin up: 106#, up from 100#

Coach Ian

Split Jerk: 300#, 302#, and 305#, up from 275#

Push Press: 265#, up from 255#

Squat Clean: 290#, up from 280#

Bench Press: 285#, this was a baseline measurement.

"Nate": 17 Rounds and 3 reps, up from 15 rounds

"Annie": 5:57, down from 6:30

Gregg C.

Squat Clean: 205#, up from 190#

Bench Press: 245#, up 20# from beginning of cycle but not a lifetime PR

Darren G.

Squat Clean: 265#, up from 245#

Jerk: 305#, up from 300#

Brad W.

Back Squat: 285#, up from 265#

Front Squat: 260#, up from 250#

Split Jerk: 230#, up from 210#

Bench Press: 230#, up from 220#

2013 Left Coast Invitational Judges meeting this Saturday (7/20) at 11am. CFMG will not be holding a free beginner WOD this week and the gym will be shut down to non-judges from 10am-Noon. We will still hold the Noon class this Saturday.


A1) Shoulder distraction, 1 min each arm x 2 sets

A2) Racked position mob. drill, 1 min each arm x 2 sets


2013 LCI Workout #1

AMRAP in 6 min

8 Deadlifts (185#/135#) or (155#/105#)

6 Hang Power cleans

4 Should to overhead

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