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100m sprint

1 min rest

6 rounds un-scored

During the 1 minute rest jog back to the start line so we don’t have people sprinting back and forth and to keep your legs warmed up.


100 Double unders (200 single unders)

50 Push-ups

75 Double unders (150 single unders)

35 Push-ups

50 Double unders (100 single unders)

20 Push-ups

25 Double unders (75 single unders)

10 Push-ups

-For time-

(10 minute time cap)

Apple and Butternut Squash Hash

Paleo Almond Bites

The Original Team Vagine!


AMRAP in 7 min

200m run

16 Jumping lunges (feel free to use an Abmat to cushion your knee as you drop it towards the ground.)

rest 2 min

AMRAP in 7 min

5 Front squats (185#/120#)

10 KB Swings (70#/53#)

rest 2 min

AMRAP in 7 min

5 CTB pull-ups

10 Sit -ups

Cueing The Power Position

Fall Foods: Why Seasonal Eating Primes the Body for Fat Burning


Olympic Weightlifting Mondays!

We will hold Olympic Weightlifting Mondays (a.k.a. technique day) for 1 more week and then we are going to focus in on the snatch. I hope you all have been receiving good tips/pointers from your coaches. Be sure to ask questions if you have any.

“You Pick The Lift”

Snatch -or- Clean and jerk



AMRAP in 5 min

Air squat burpees

“What’s an air squat burpee?”

Simply complete an air squat and then complete a burpee

We will allot about 10 min at the end of class to complete this “finisher"


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No Open Gym today.

Be sure to sign up for J&J's Grass Fed Beef CSA!

"Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present." - Roger Babson, entrepreneur and business theorist

CFMG's 3 Year Anniversary Partner WOD

Buy in: 800m run

-5 Rounds-

10 Power Cleans (205#/135#)

20 Burpees

30 Box Jumps (24"/20")

159 Double Unders (sub = 159 Single unders)

Cash out: 800m run

-for time-

Partners will run together for both the buy in and cash out. They will then split the reps up for each movement, but the movements must be done in order and only one partner may work at a time.  There are 1095 reps in this WOD, 1 rep for each day CFMG has been in existence.

Free Beginner WOD at 10am
5 Burpees
10 Jump rope skips
15 Air Squats
200m run
AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 12 min

The Party starts at 6pm. Dress casually and come ready for some fun!!!!

Please remember that today's 6pm class is now, for the time being, the CFMG Mobility class. More info. HERE.

There will be no Open Gym this Sunday

Who doesn't like a hug after a hard workout?!?!?


A1) Unilateral DB/KB strict shoulder press 10/10/8/8/8

A2) Bentover barbell rows 8/8/8/8/8

B1) DB/KB Bulgarian split squats 10/10/10/10

B2) Ring dips 10/10/10/10

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Just a reminder that Friday's 6pm class will now be CFMG's Mobility Class. More info. HERE

There will be no Open Gym this Sunday.

SWOD: Overhead squats 6/6/6/6/6


Tabata Pull-ups

Rest 1 min

Tabata Double Unders (sub = single unders)

Rest 1 min

Tabata Plank hold (un-scored)


Congratulations to all our members who participated in the Whole 30 this month! It took a lot of dedication and hard work on your part, and we are proud of each and every one of you.  We cannot wait to hear about the things you discovered on your journey (appearance/body changes, observations, habits, etc.) and hope that you created many positive changes for life.

We will be recognizing our participants at our CFMG 3 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at 6pm, and giving out some prizes to the “winners” (although, let’s face it: we were all winners in this).  Six prizes will be given out: 3 to the top points awarded in the challenge, 2 to the top male and female with the most improvement in the assessment WOD, and 1 to the individual with the most overall pounds lost.

In order to determine the winners, if you have participated in this challenge, we need you to do the 4 steps outlined below.  You cannot be rewarded for all your efforts unless you have entered in all your information!

1) Record your final points for the week HERE

2) Record your 2nd assessment WOD score HERE

3) If you took your weight/measurements and IF you would like to share with me, please let me know, as one prize will be awarded due to weight loss.  Again, weight-loss alone was not the goal of this program, but we do know that some of you have experienced significant weight loss and we would like to recognize you for it.  E-mail me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4) Please post 3 things in this document that you have observed/discovered about yourself during this Whole 30 (this can include cravings, habits, patterns, body composition, sleep, WOD performance, new discoveries, etc.) HERE

Do you feel changed?


A1) Paleo Chair, accumulate 2 min x 2 sets

A2) Bottom up hamstring stretch, 1 min each leg x 2 sets


AMRAP in 7 min

1 Deadlift (225#/135#)

1 Box Jump (24”/20”)

2 Deadlifts

2 Box Jumps

3 Deadlifts

3 Box Jumps.....

Continue this pattern as you move through the WOD

Experimenting With A Squat A Day

Get the Best Physique & Boost Performance By Strength Training

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Holiday Schedule: The 5pm & 6pm classes are cancelled on Friday, July 3rd, and the 10am and 11am classes are cancelled on Saturday, July 4th. SWOD: Deadlift 5/5/5/5/5 {youtube}qCGtwPhfGf4{/youtube} A1) Barbell Rows 10/10/10/10 A2) Weighted Dips 6/6/6/6 A3) Ab Roll Outs 12/12/12/12   5 Totally Valid Reasons You Shouldn't Exercise Drink According To Thirst, Scientists Advise If...

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  SWOD: Push-Press 6/6/4/4/4 WOD: 4 Rounds 400m Run 7 KB Thrusters (per arm) (53#/35#) 14 Sit-Ups -For Time-   Don't Believe In Evolution? Try Thinking Harder Climb Your Way Up And Heal Your Neglected Shoulders Lifestyle Interventions For Depression

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Mobility: A1) Banded Bully Stretch, 1 min each arm x 2 sets A2) Plyo Box Hamstring Stretch, 1 min each leg x 2 sets WOD: AMRAP in 8 Minutes 10 Hand Release Push-ups 5 Hang Power Snatches (115#/75#) 10 Goblet Squats (53#/35#)   -Rest 3 Minutes-   AMRAP in 8 Minutes 10 Box Jumps (24"/20") 5 Bar Muscle-ups (Sub =...

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Open Gym 9am-Noon Competitor Training 9:30am-11:30am  

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WOD: 4 Rounds: 200m Run 10 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#) 5 Power Cleans (155#/115#) 10 Burpees Over Barbell 50 Double Unders (100 Single Unders) -For Time-   Free Intro Workout at 10am Skill: Power Cleans WOD: 5 Power Cleans 10 Burpees 15 Jump Rope Skips 200m Run -15 Minute AMRAP-   Perish The Thought The Beauty Of Strength You Won't Get "Too Big"

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Mobility: Banded Scapular Mobility: 1 Minute/Arm x 2 Sets {youtube}hzozw2Aso3M{/youtube} Couch Stretch: 1 Minute/Leg x 2 Sets   SWOD: "CrossFit Olympic Total" Snatch 1-1-1 Clean & Jerk 1-1-1 After warming up, you will have three attempts to reach your 1 Rep Max for both lifts.  Add both lifts for your Olympic Total.   7 Ways To Use Stoic Philosophy...

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Benchmark WOD "Jackie" 1,000 Meter Row 50 Thrusters (45#) 30 Pull-Ups -For Time-   Skillwork: A1) Strict Muscle-Ups OR Low Ring Muscle Up Progression: 5/5/5 A2) Handstand Walk x 10 meters 
OR Wall Walks/Handstand Holds 
x 3 Sets A3) L-Sit OR L-Sit Progression with Boxes: 45-60 Seconds x 3 Sets   3 Exercises To Eliminate Wrist Pain The Truth Hurts: Part 2 Zone...

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WOD: Re-Test from 04/06/2015 1 Mile Run -For Time-   SWOD: A1) Bulgarian Split Squats 8/8/8/8 A2) Weighted Dips 6/6/6/6 A3) Single Arm Bench Press 10/10/10/10   Why Knee Push-Ups Won't Make You Any Stronger 4 Forgotten Fads Of The Past Be Good To Yourself, Inside And Out

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SWOD: Push Press: 5/5/5/5/5 {youtube}0mHxH9tTjSk&feature=youtu.be{/youtube} WOD: Re-Test of WOD from (04/07/2015) 15 Hand Release Push Ups 15 Box Jumps (24"/20") AMRAP in 8 Minutes   Finisher: Tabata Abs of Choice (Planks, Flutter Kicks, Sit-Ups, V-Ups, Toes to Bar)   Magna Carta: 18 Centuries of Liberty The Average American Woman Now Weighs As Much As The Average 1960s Man Deadly Myth  

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SWOD: 1 Rep Max Front Squat   WOD: 12-10-8 Reps Deadlifts (315#/205#) Pistol Squats (Sub = Alt. Leg Jump Lunges) -For Time- (Time Cap: 6 Minutes)

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Gym Closed Happy Father's Day!

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Skill Review: Kipping Pull-ups and Bar Muscle-ups   WOD: 3 Rounds for Time: 7 Bar Muscle-Ups (Sub = 14 Pull-Ups) 7 Squat Clean & Jerks (205#)   Team Finisher: 50m Yoke Carry Sprint Relay   Free Intro Workout at 10am Skill: Overhead Squat WOD: 8 Overhead Squats 10 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups 8 Jumping Lunges 200m Run -4 Rounds for Time-     The Definitive Guide To Napping Risky Outdoor Play Positively Impacts...

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