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CFMG Events


10 Overhead squats (115#/85#)

15 Toes-to-bar

20 Double unders

200m run

-4 rounds for time-

FREE Beginner WOD at 10am

10 Sit-ups

10 KB Swings

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

-AMRAP in 10 min-

Ego vs. Integrity

"The Pill"


20 Box Jumps (24/20)

8 Shoulder to overhead (155#/105#)

20 Air Squats

200 M Run

5 Rnds

Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

Write your score for each round

The point here is to recover and see where you break down.  Are your rounds the same? do you get faster or slower? What movement do you fail on?

Paleo Treats

Whole30 Success Story


A1)  Weighted Push Ups 15/15/15/15- Post heaviest load

(do not peel, go from  your knees if you need to)

A2) Barbell Row 10/10/10/10


5 Power Snatches (115#/75#)

10 Double Push Up Burpees


Bob working on his cleans when he was one of about 5 members

CrossFit for Triathletes

2012 CrossFit Games Beta Site

Expansion 2012

By Coach Ian

As some of you know we are going to be expanding CFMG on Feb 1st. We will be occupying the warehouse to the west of our current location. Good news is we don't need to really move anything, just knock down part of a wall. We have already started to recruit a small group of people to come in and help us with this "knock down".

I wanted to tell you all about a few changes that will be happening in the coming months as CFMG expands.

New classes

We are planning on expanding the CFMG Endurance class to another night, rather than just on Tuesdays. Also, we are working on putting together an Olympic Weightlifting class and some sort of mobility/stretching class. More info on prices for these classes will be out as soon as we release the class start dates, but rest assured that it won't be too expensive.

Leader Boards

Yes, we know, we haven't really used our leader boards in a long time. We are planning on repositioning the boards in a spot where we can easily update them. Criteria for who will get on the leader board will be set here soon, but it will probably be limited to the top 8 males and top 8 females as the space on the boards is limited. In the meantime please do not just write your own info up there Sealed.


We are planning on installing a member friendly check-in system. You'll all be given a barcode card to scan each time you come in so we can better track our attendance.

New Office/Entrance

The plan is to move our office into the new space. This will also be the new main point of entrance for the gym. Our current office will become a new waiting area, as well as a spot for you all to leave your gym bags, work clothes, etc. Coach Dawn and Coach Betsy are going to help us lay out this new space and maybe even make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Layout of the New Space

We are already in talks with our equipment dealer about getting more rubber matting to us. We are also planning on building a few lifting platforms that will be used for our Olympic Weightlifting class. There will be a squat rack/pull-up rig, just like the one on the far side of the gym, built and installed at some point too. As far as where everything will go, well we haven't quite figured that out since we can't get in there just yet.

As always we just want to keep you, our community, informed on upcoming changes. Geo and I both want to thank you all for your continued business and support. Don't forget about our current referral program.

P.S. I know you are all thinking it, YES we are going to have an expansion party :). That time and date is TBD but it will happen once we are all settled in.


Hanging Power Cleans 8/8/8/7/7


100 Double Unders (300 Singles)

40 KB Swings (53#/35#)

30 Sit ups

400 M Run

2 Rnds

Hopefully these guys are on their way up or down.  Get those KB's up today.  Full range of motion.

History of the CF Games

Eat Local

SWOD: Cleans 3/3/3/3/3 (@80% or more of your 1 RM)


Buy in: 10 Ring Muscle-ups (sub = 25 pull-ups)

100 Push-press (75#/45#)

1000m Run

Cash out: 10 Ring Muscle-ups (sub= 25 pull-ups)

-For time-

Just a reminder for our newer members who haven't been through our Foundations Course, we will be meeting this coming week. The Foundations Course schedule and info can be found HERE.

John keeping it Legit!

A1) Weighted GHD back extensions 12/12/12/12/12

A2) Max burpees in 30 seconds x 5 sets

During A2 you should be moving as quickly as you can while maintaining good form. You will post your total reps for all 5 sets. For A1 you can post the heaviest weight you used.

B1) Max ring rows in 30 seconds x 5 sets

B2) Handstand Walks -or- head/handstand holds x 5 sets

During B1 you can add some weight if you need more resistance. You will post your total reps for all 5 sets. For B2 you can post the distance traveled or how long you were able to hold yourself inverted.

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Weighted ring rows

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Cirque du Soleil?

Quickest Meal Ever

Are You "Well Fed"?



15 Hang Cleans (95#/65#)

15 Push-press

200m run

AMRAP in 10 min

Rest 3 minutes

20 Wall balls (20#/14#)

200m run

AMRAP in 10 min

Get Out of Good Food Jail

Control Your Leanness

Anthony on WOD #1 at The OC Throwdown

SWOD: 20 min. to reach a 1 rep max push-press


Buy in: 15 Squat Cleans (135#/95#)

-4 rounds for time-

25 Static Lunges

15 Push-ups

10 Chest-to-bar-pull-ups

Cash out: 15 Squat Cleans

Competition Silliness

By Coach Ian J. McHugh

I was recently in attendance at a local CrossFit competition and realized, quickly, that there was a lot of good material for me to write about. I have personally attended and participated in many CrossFit competitions, and these things I'm writing about are not necessarily associated with just one particular competition. If you have never attended a CrossFit comp or even a fitness expo this is just some of the silliness that you will encounter.

#1, Skinny Jeans

OK OK this one is just to poke fun. If you are a weightlifter, and have what most would consider "big legs", DON'T wear skinny jeans. You look ridiculous! I don't know how you even got those things on, that would be a sight to see, or how you can even move around comfortably. I understand you are trying to dress in a hip and/or cool manner because you have no real personality or depth, but try another style of jeans. Until Skins comes out with a skinny jean to "help improve recovery", leave the skinnies on the rack. Thank you!

This guy has obviously never done a squat. He can wear skinny jeans.

#2, Movement Standards

This one goes out to both the athletes and judges. Athletes, you should be experienced enough to know exactly what the movement standards are and I would even venture to guess that you had been briefed on the standards. Don't go out there and try to get away with sh*t. Here is my best advice, make your range of motion painfully obvious to your judge. It's a competition and if all athletes would heed this advice we could ultimately create a level and fair playing field, in theory. Also, if you are "no reped" don't be an ass. (I'll touch on this one in a moment).

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Judges, and this doesn't apply to all of you, step your judging game up! Don't be afraid to "no rep" someone. Who cares if the athlete you are judging gets pissed off, it's their fault for not maintaining the standard. Something to keep in mind, if you are questioning the athlete's range of motion in your head then it's probably a good idea to "no rep" them. I know you are a volunteer and all you got was a t-shirt, but the buck stops with you!

Nuff said.

#3, A-hole Athletes

We get it. You. Are. Elite. And. Never. Miss. A. Rep. (ok cool! Inside joke, ask me about it later). Giving your judge "the finger", yelling at your judge, touching/pushing your judge, etc. should all be grounds for disqualification. I know in sport that there is a lot of emotion, believe me I do, but I can't help to think how these actions would be treated in other sports. Penalties? Disqualification? Fines? Keep it professional and be tactful. Here's the definition of tactful for all the meatheads reading this, if they've gotten this far.

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#4, Unorganized Organizers

So you want to put on a Fitness Competition? Please click here. It might be a good idea to understand how your workout prescription will ultimately play out. If a "games level" athlete DNFs it was probably a case of over-programming, IMO. I get it; everyone has to go through the same workout, but what about some entertainment value. I didn't pay $30 to watch people fail at exercise. Believe it or not you can actually program workouts that make the crowd want to cheer, not look away in agony.

Don't know how to manage scoring? Find someone with half a brain who knows how to work an Excel spreadsheet and a calculator. No joke, it can be that simple. I don't care how fancy of a "system" you have; it's only as good as the person managing that system.

In closing I know that no fitness comp. can be perfectly run or scored, but with a little better planning and effort I'm sure we can come close. LCI 2012 anyone!?!?!

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Please note our Labor Day Holiday Hours for Monday, September 1st: There will be classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am only. Partner WOD: Partner A: 400m Run Partner B: Hang C&J (135#/95) until Partner A returns -partners switch and perform same sequence- Partner A: 400m Run Partner B: Back Squats from the floor (135#/95) until Partner...

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Please note our Holiday Hours for Monday, September 1st: There will be classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am only. Skill: Power Snatch Practice for 15 minutes WOD: EMOM for 12 minutes Odd Minutes: 4 Power Snatches Even Minutes: 8 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar   Free Intro WOD at 10am Skill: Push-Press WOD: 5 Push-Press 10...

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SWOD: Hatch Squat Program: Week 9, Day 2 Back Squat: 65%x5, 75%x5, 75%x5, 75%x5 Front Squat: 65%x5, 65%x5, 65%x5, 65%x5 Finisher: A1) 200m Sprint on the Rower x 3 sets A2) 20 Strict Ring Push-Ups x 3 sets   {youtube}m8GZlHJulc8{/youtube} 17 Tips For Getting Better At Rowing 7 GIFs That Will Convince You Just How Scary The...

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Skill: Handstand Walk Practice for 10 minutes WOD: 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24”/20”) 15 HSPU 600m Run 15 Burpees Box Jump Overs 10 HSPU 400m Run 10 Burpee Box Jump Over 5 HSPU 200m Run -For Time- (15 min cap)   Finisher: 20 KB/DB Walking Lunges x 4 Sets CFMG is excited to add Dan Demory to our staff as a...

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WOD: Score is total reps of the following barbell complex: 1 Deadlift (135#/95#) 1 Hang Clean 1 Shoulder to Overhead 6 minutes each round; 3 minutes of recovery between rounds Round #1: Row 600m, then complete AMRAP of the barbell complex -rest 3 min- Round #2: 60 Wall Ball Shots (20#/14#), then complete AMRAP of...

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Open Gym 9am-12pm

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CFMG Is Closed Today! Come join us at La Jolla Shores for a Beach WOD and Paleo Cook Out! Meet at the park at 10:30am (we will have a CFMG tent and table) WOD will take place on the beach at 10:45am Paleo Potluck to follow (please bring a dish to share; grill...

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