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OTMEM for 10 min

Odd min. 15 KB swings (70#/53#)

Even min. 20 Clapping push-ups

Rest 1 min

OTMEM for 10 min

Odd min. 12 Burpees

Even min. 12 toes-to-bar

Rest 1 min

OTMEM for 10 min

5 Deadlifts (225#/155#)

10 Jumping air squats


Paleo Holiday Survival Guide

10 Things Mentally Strong CrossFitters Don't Do

Skill: Pull-up and Muscle-up progressions

SWOD: Push-press 2/2/2/2/2 (If you can beat your old 1RM do it but we will be testing 1RM next week.)

A1) Weighted strict pull-ups 8/8/8/8/8

A2) Turkish get-ups 3 reps on each side x 4 sets

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During a recent conversation I had with a member, he mentioned in passing that he and another member had set a goal to complete a half ironman. I was a bit surprised by his comment, as the “long slow distance” training modality is largely avoided by the CrossFit community, as a whole. As I began to reflect more on his comment, I began to realize that as coaches, we often forget that our members have goals beyond “just being healthy,” and that people have other goals and ambitions, both outside and inside of the gym that they wish to accomplish.

I have realized, in pushing athletes through their daily WODs, that it is not always apparent to the coaches which specific goals each of our members wish to achieve, whether it is to complete a marathon, achieve a Clean and Jerk PR, beat a specific WOD time, or improve in a specific “sport”.  I would like to change that, so that we, as coaches, can help you get to where you want to be, or at least provide you with motivation and drive you toward your successes.

Whether you have made goals in the past or not, I CHALLENGE YOU to set some goals, inside or outside of the gym, that you wish to achieve in a reasonable amount of time. When you set goals, your actions become more focused, and you begin working down that path of putting your vision to reality. These goals should be achievable, but they should also be challenging, nonetheless. Goals can be as specific as hitting “X” amount of weight on the Snatch, or can be more objective, such as better positioning on certain movements. If you are totally lost on how to set goals, a good place to start is to set goals in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and year-long increments. They MUST also be written out, so that you have something to look back on, or at the very least give you daily motivation to pursue those goals.  Once these goals are written out, describe how you plan on achieving them, and what you would like your coach to do to help you reach them, as well. I know that I speak for the entire CFMG coaching staff when I say that I am no longer satisfied simply getting people through their workouts.  We genuinely want to help you meet some, if not all, of your goals. If you are serious about making a plan of action, I encourage you to write it out and show your coach.

In review, if you were to set goals today, you would:

1)   Write out what you want to achieve in one month, 3 months, 6 months, and in a year.

2)   Write out your plan to achieve said goals

3)   Show them to your coach

4)   Make gains

You should reassess your progress at the end of the month, determine what worked well, and what did not, and then make changes, accordingly. Do not change your long-term goals, just because you did not make a lot of progress in one month.  Some months will see little-to-no progress, while others you may see huge growth.  Stay the course, and be steadfast in working toward your goals.  I will leave you with this last bit of perspective: setting goals (“creating your reality”) is always a better alternative than not setting goals (“wishful thinking”).  Again, I cannot encourage you enough to let your coach know your goals, and help us help you! See you in the gym.



Rumble in Paradise III WOD #3

AMRAP in 15 min

10 Snatches (135#/85#)

5 Burpees with lateral jump over bar

10 Front squats (135#/85#)

5 Burpees with lateral jump over bar

10 Hang clean (165#/115#)

*you will have to add 30# to your bar

5 Burpees with lateral jump over bar

10 Deadlifts (165#/115#)

5 Burpees with lateral jump over bar

Rumble competitors should be familiar with the movement standards. Click HERE for more info.


Range Of Motion Vs. More Weight On The Bar

Nature Is A Powerful Teacher, Indeed


SWOD: Front squats 3/3/3/3/3



50 Double unders

50 Sit-ups

40 Double unders

40 Sit-ups

30 Double unders

30 Sit-ups

20 Double unders

20 Sit-ups

10 Double unders

10 Sit-ups

-For time-

Double under sub. = x4 in singles

(12 min cap)

Compare to 5/7/2013


Today marks the first day of our 5 weeks of giving back to the community.  This week, we are asking members to donate items in our collection bin in the main entranceway for Feeding America San Diego.  Founded in 2007, Feeding America San Diego is the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego County. The non-profit organization, funded by philanthropic and community support, is devoted to feeding the hungry, advocacy, and education. FASD is committed to solving hunger in our communities and informing the public on the issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and poverty. We fight hunger locally by working hand-in-hand with partner agencies, local school districts, corporate partners and a network of volunteers to serve 73,000 children, families and seniors in need each week.

Please feel free to donate one or more of their "most needed" items, including: peanut butter, canned tuna, canned chicken (white meat), canned fruits in natural juices, canned soup.

More information on CFMG's 5 weeks of community service/giving can be found here.

Cold Turkey Vs. Baby Steps: Which Is The Better Approach

The Healthfulness Of Eggs

Open Gym

9 am-12 noon


50 Double Unders (sub = 75 single unders)

21 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

7 Power Snatches (115#/75#)

200m Run

-4 Rounds for Time-


CFMG Challenges You To Expand Our Community

Warm Brussels Sprouts Slaw With Asian Citrus Dressing



A1) Single Leg KB/DB Deadlifts 8/8/8/8/8 (on each leg)

A2) Bulgarian Split Squats 6/6/6/6/6 (on each leg)


AMRAP in 7 minutes

2 Deadlifts (225#/155#)

2 Pistol Squats

4 Deadlifts

4 Pistol Squats

6 Deadlifts

6 Pistol Squats...

CFMG Challenges You To Expand Our Community

A Closer Look At The New Cholesterol Guidelines

Find Your Fight

We are calling all of you to help make a difference and help us carry out our goals in our mission statement.  It is the holiday season, a general time of the year where our hearts are warmed at the prospect of helping others.  We are going to kick off the season by presenting five opportunities (once a week until December 25th) to work together as a gym and do something with meaning, impacting others with the spirit we know and celebrate within the walls of CrossFit Mission Gorge.  Some of these opportunities ask for a donation of specific items, while others ask for a donation of your time.  We tried to come up with something that everyone could contribute to, big and small, and we would love it if you made the commitment to be a part of something bigger.  This is our big “kickoff,” but we intend on continuing to find ways to serve the community as a gym at various opportunities throughout year.

Please stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details on these opportunities.  We know this is something big, and we can’t to have you join us!

November 17-23rd

Food Drive at CFMG

for Feeding America San Diego

We will have a food donation bin set out for the week at CFMG, collecting some of the "most needed" items, including: peanut butter, whole grain pasta, low sodium pasta sauce, whole grain oats and cereal, brown rice, canned tuna/chicken, canned fruits in natural juices, canned vegetables in water, canned low-sodium soup, beans and lentils.

November 24th-30th

Blood Drive at The San Diego Blood Bank

Details TBA

December 1st-7th

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd @ 5pm

Support Empower Charter School

at the San Diego Unified District Office

4100 Normal Street

San Diego, CA 92103

Please join us at the San Diego Board of Education as we find out how the Board will vote on Empower Charter School's charter, the FIRST CrossFit school! Wear green to show your support.  We are hoping to get a HUGE turnout…it is important!

December 8th -14th

December 10th @ 5:30pm

Street Angels

at CrossFit Mission Gorge/8th and E. Street (Old Post Office)

Organize at CFMG and put together a sack lunch to pass out to homeless youth in Downtown San Diego.  Street Angels will also provide hygiene supplies, and resources on shelters, youth services, medical care, and job opportunities to pass out.  We will provide food items for sack lunch and/or $20 donation for the purchase of a sleeping bag for the homeless.  We will meet at CFMG at 5:30pm to assemble the bags, and group can carpool/leave CFMG at 6:30 to pass out items downtown for an hour.

December 15th-21st

Toys for Tots drive at CFMG

We will set out a donation bin to collect new, unwrapped toys to distribute to needy children in the community.  Toys for Tots has a mission to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.

Buy in: 1000m row

30 Burpees

40 Barbell ground to overhead (95#/65#)

50 Abmat sit-ups

40 Static barbell lunges (bar in front rack) (95#/65#)

30 KB swings (70#/53#)

Cash out: 800m run

-For time-

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Open Gym 9am-12pm

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