Four Agreements With CrossFit Twist

CrossFit agrees with themselves and their client in four codes on how they need to conduct themselves in the field of fitness.

To start with is that, be impeccable in what you say. Speak with honesty. This is the only perfect way of using your energy correctly. The company wants their clients to speak facts about themselves and their energy, and this is one way in which the client can show how they love themselves. The trainers also must be impeccable in what they say in that they should handle their client in their capabilities as they must train what they are perfect in to avoid accidents. The trainers must stand together blameless at all time and appreciate their workout at the end of the day. Stay positive always.

Stay blameless. Don’t blame yourself on others doings. Mind your own business. Never take things personally, and in this case, other people’s action does not affect us. There are several criticisms of the firm and comparison with other firms offering fitness. This criticism may affect the firm if their way of reasoning is applied in CrossFit Company. The point here is that what you want from the person is what you perceive. Believing in oneself if very important as you get to know the truth. In the line of work, trainers sometimes go into a misunderstanding with clients of which it’s normal. The client can use negative words towards the trainer and take it personally will just be hurting oneself, so it’s wise to refrain from arguing.

Thirdly, never make assumptions. People tend to validate something to expound and know everything as to be secured. Communication is very important in that you can inquire about what you need and you should be distinct and clear to avoid errors of misunderstanding. Clients and trainers and coaches in CrossFit expects clarity in their needs and expectation to meet specific needs. Never rumormonger nor make assumptions on other rumours. People’s point of view varies from one person to another, so the important thing to do is to respect and be honest on your point of view.

CrossFitLast but not least, make your work perfect. Doing your best at work makes one industrious and improves one’s self-confidence. Look for perfection not reward and be self-motivated in what you do. Always strive to enjoy what you do for it will form the basis of your perfection. Doing your work is not doing what thing like your competitor but what you can accomplish without being pushed. In CrossFit, perfecting your work is accepting continuous change. Do things that will not make you regret but things that will make you happy in the field of work and during training.

Be self-driven and committed to your work. Be humble to yourself and others. Be polite in what you do and what you say. Put your focus on the current event and strive to respect these four good agreements both in CrossFit and when you get out.