5 Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety can bring you a lot of discomforts, be it generalized or the acute anxiety, it can really have very negative impacts on your health at large, many people tend to avoid it when it is present, and other people decide to live with it, hence leading to health complications that would definitely require medication. Some people also tend to medicate anxiety with alcohol or even drugs, these are just temporary solutions that still have negative impacts to your health, you need to deal with anxiety by performing a regular and healthy routine like the five routines listed below.

Child’s pose

This is basically known as the place of rest in yoga, several people use this pose for relaxing purposes, and it helps a big deal when it comes to easing anxiety. It helps in releasing the tension that might be in your back, the neck as well as the shoulders; these are the places where several individuals hold most of their stress.

It also helps in promoting relaxation by a very steady and conscious breathing, hence leads to nerve calming which is very important for people suffering from anxiety.

Tree Pose

This is also very essential in relieving anxiety, when doing this position, you have to implement a basic standing balance which in turn helps in promoting your concentration, your focus as well as your awareness.

Tree Pose

It does this with that intention of taking your stressed mind away from that anxiety to a very relaxed physical self. The good thing about this is that you can practice it wherever you are, wherever you are standing to wait for a train or at a store.

Warrior III

If you have a sufficient leg balance and therefore would like a pose that can strengthen, challenge and lengthen you, you should go for this, it helps in enhancing your core strength, improving your coordination, your balance and posture, it also helps in improving your digestion by stimulating the abdominal region, the overall health of your gut and great digestion are also essential methods for dealing with anxiety. It can also help in calming your mind.


This is one of the best posses to go for, especially when you are very anxious, it helps in reversing the blood flow in the entire body, hence you be able to focus almost all of your attention to your breath, rather than focusing it on your anxiety, with this, you will now begin to evoke some calmness and contentment within yourself, as blood flow increases to our head, detoxification of the adrenals occurs hence reduction of depression.

Legs up on the wall pose

It is very essential for those looking to relieve the pain on their lower backs and also easing anxiety, this pose can be done in any place that has a wall. It is advisable that you find a place that is very quiet and serene to get to enjoy all the benefits that these posses have to give you. over the counter drugs should not always be your option.